How Minecraft Servers Work

How Minecraft Servers Work | Simplest Guide on Internet!

There’s a lot of confusion among players regarding Minecraft servers because they don’t know how Minecraft servers work. To create a server of their own, players go to various websites that talk about how to make a server, but in the end, they get even more confused.

So, in this article, we will try to explain how Minecraft servers work in a much simpler way for you to understand.

Minecraft server providers provide these Minecraft servers. A server provider is technically the ‘admin.’ In comparison, the servers execute from dedicated machines that they own.

But at a smaller level, most of the servers provided by people handling them from desktops or maybe even laptops. If you have a server of your own or a member of somebody else’s, then you and your friends can join that server and play with each other.

Minecraft server is the Multiplayer feature of the game, where you and your friends or different people can play with each other. The concept behind the server is pretty simple, and we hope you understand it. Now we’ll dig a bit deeper into how Minecraft servers work.

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Behind the Scenes of a Minecraft Server

Everything might look very simple about it, join a server, play, and that’s it. For a normal player, that’s everything they need to know about a how Minecraft servers work.

But things are about to get complicated if you’re a nerdy tech guy or somebody who wants to know how Minecraft servers work. A provider needs to keep three essential things in check when providing players with a fully working server.

  • A high-performance, and robust hardware device to handle the server’s load, especially when the server is at its peak. With the increase of players, the load will also increase.
  • A stable and reliable network connection.
  • A data center is also needed to store the data and the server information.

Data centers are the most important in this list; they are basically the backbone to run a successful internet gathering. It’s like a Minecraft server, where hundreds of players gather to play.

So, in a data center, they store all the online data, and the server provider executes their servers in it. The servers are then connected to the web through several Internet Service Providers. This is what gets us online.

Once the setup is complete, download the desired Linux operating system, add custom configurations, and download the hosting back-end software.

With experience, you’ll start to understand the system more, and your server’s performance and security will improve as time passes.

What’s Java and its Role in Minecraft Servers?

If you don’t know yet, let us explain what ‘Java’ is!

Java is a programming language (a general-purpose programming language) made for developers and programmers to write programs.

These programs or Java codes can run on all platforms that support Java with minimal effort. Minecraft was written in Java, and the servers run on the same programming language.

That’s the sole reason why you can run the game on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. So, in simpler words, it’s the reason why and how Minecraft servers work.

Launching the Server

Now that every requirement is fulfilled, all you need to do is send a command to the nodes. This will automatically launch the server for you and go online within seconds.

With the proper procedure, a successful server will boot up, and now you know how Minecraft servers work and how to create one of your own.

System Requirements to Run a Minecraft Server

To get the server to work, you will need windows operating systems such as windows 8 or 10. You can also use CentOS, Ubuntu or openSUSE.

RAM: when it comes to this, we’d recommend you a system of about 2G-8G. But if that’s not possible, a minimum of 4GB of RAM will also work.

Good internet: Reliable internet is a must to avoid getting stuck on loading terrain or some other connection issues. Having more than enough bandwidth plan will be a great choice because Minecraft uses up to 100MB per player an hour.

Types of Servers in Minecraft

When it comes to how Minecraft servers work, the list feels never-ending. Many creative server providers in Minecraft have created so many unique servers that players enjoy playing. Each server has different kinds of games and rules.

But we will tell you about the few main server types:

  • Survival: These servers use survival mode as gameplay and have their own rules, which make the game safe and fun.
  • Creative: These servers use the creative mode and give players access to the creative mode. However, they limit the items players can use.
  • Minigame: These servers are very fun cause they provide different kinds of games, like capture the flag.
  • Hardcore: These are the same as the survival mode but way harder. Because players have only one life, and it’s a “last man standing” type. SkyWars server falls in this category.

Server Management and Maintenance

The operators and administrators manage servers. The administrator is the head of the server and is responsible for the server’s peace maintenance and other issues.

Operators assist the administrator in preventing cheating among players. Both administrator and the operator have access to many commands to manage the server.


We hope we tried and explained in simplest form, Finally, how Minecraft servers work and how people manage these servers; we hope you got the answers you were looking for.

It can become complicated, but a server can become very manageable with proper teamwork and understanding, and you will be a pro at how Minecraft servers work.

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