Day after day, the Spotify color palette gets boring, you crave the uniqueness of colors and theme that depicts your style and mood. Spotify color palette is green and black, but with new US-based software company, Israel Medina, it is now possible. Spotify MusicScape, Spotify Wrapped, Spotify Obscurity, and Zodiac Affinity are some of the platforms that evaluate your listening preferences and mood to create a palette to suit your style.   You can further share this changed color palette on your social media.

WHAT IS SPOTIFY COLOR PALETTE & How Does Spotify Palette Work?

It is a third-part app which works with API integration such as Spotify Analyzer & Judge Your Spotify. The application takes the data of your last six months and analyze your listening preferences into a color palette. You can also check out the post related to How to Use APK on Chromebook

The algorithm takes into account the valence, positivity, energy, and danceability of the songs in your list. The moods can from happy to calm, or vibrant. It creates a personalized color palette. When you have your color palette created, you can share the palette with the help of website’s additional resources.

4 Type of Color Palettes

4 Type of Color Palettes

Red Palette:

When you listen to energetic and peppy songs, you get the Red Palette as your Spotify theme. The colors include tones of red, purple, and pink.

Orange Palette:

The ones who listen to most dance songs, and enjoy the happening beats, get the Orange Palette. The colors are shades of orange, yellow, and green. It resonates with all autumn colors.

Pastel Palette:

If you pick the energetic and dancing numbers as your listening preferences, the pastel palettes match your aura. The color are mostly tones of red and more shades of purple.

Yellow Palette:

Listeners who listen to cheerful, optimistic, and happy songs mostly get the yellow palette. Yellow color signifies sunshine and happiness hence the palette has all the shades of yellow.

Other Features of Color Palette on Spotify

You can find around 15 songs from last six months to create your personalized color palette.

You can explore the color palette and enjoy your unique music taste with color palettes.

This option enables you to explore the gallery of images through artwork you can source from Google Arts & Culture to match the color palette of Spotify

4 Reasons Why is My Spotify Color Palette Not Working?

If you are not seeing the Spotify Color Palette, its highly likely you haven’t created the history enough for six months on the platform.

Spotify Color Palette Not Working?

The tracks that you have been listening to are used in order to generate the personalized Spotify Color Palette.

So, if you do not have a palette generated for your account, you do not have sufficient listening history. Besides this issue, there are some other ways you can fix why is my Spotify Color palette not working.

  • Try a different browser. The browser you are using may be causing problems in fetching the data.
  • Certain browser extension may cause hinderances. For a while, turn all extension off to see if it works or not.
  • Check if your browser is updated to the recent version.
  • Browsers have incognito or private browsing mode. Use the settings, they may work in the favor to integrate the settings.

Parting Thoughts

An avid Spotify user enjoys this feature of color palette that symbolizes your listening preference. It is not created by the user but generated on your listening history hence making it fun and full of surprises.

You leave the choice of crating a theme on the application which is created after analyzing your music history from last six months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my Spotify color palette?

Go to Spotify Palette website to get the Spotify Color Palette. Sign in or register an account. The website will ask permission to analyze the artists and songs in your list. With that information, the website generates the Spotify Color Palette.

How to get Spotify color palette?

1) Go to Spotify Palette in the browser
2) Register/sign-in to Spotify account
3) Click on ‘agree’ to let the platform access your information of listening history
4) Now you can see your top artists, and songs of last six months
5) View the color palette generated from top artists and images
6) Screenshot the information
You can use the screenshot on your social media. You cannot download it directly hence you would need to screenshot it.

Is Spotify color palette safe? 

The API is extremely safe and can be used on your device.

What is my Spotify color palette?

Your Spotify Color Palette is created on basis of your six months listening history.

Is Spotify color wheel and color palette the same thing?

Yes, Spotify color wheel and color palette are the same thing.

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