How to use Alight Motion app

How to Use Alight Motion App

Alight Motion is a fantastic video editing app with useful tools to edit your videos. You can make ultimate profesh looking video, if you know your way around the application. Hence let’s learn how to use Alight Motion app efficiently.

We are going to tell you everything about how to use the Alight Motion app for beginners. But first, let us briefly introduce Alight Motion, let’s start.

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What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is the best video editing app available on Android devices. You can get the application for free on Google Play Store. There’s a pro version of the Alight Motion which you can purchase.

The free version works great, but it has the watermark issue so you can get the pro version for a couple of bucks.

Also: If you wish to remove watermark of Alight Motion, read this blog and learn how to do it in few simple steps.

The pro version gives you tons of new tools to edit your videos like a professional. Whether you use pro or free, editing your videos through Alight Motion is very easy. Even tough creation like making transition videos gets simple with Alight Motion.

Many new users ask, “How to use Alight Motion app.” Alight Motion is very easy to use and straightforward to edit videos.

Let’s start our guide on ‘how to use the Alight Motion app.’ Our guide will teach you the basics of creating your first project and using the different tools and effects and some other stuff to edit your videos on Alight Motion.

How to Use Alight Motion App to Edit a Video

Alight Motion allows its users to create stunning videos with the help of its excellent tools and effects to edit videos. Follow these steps to create a basic project via Alight Motion to learn how to use Alight Motion app.

  • Download the Alight Motion app from Google Play Store.
  • Now, import the pictures from your camera to your mobile. So, you can edit these images using the Alight Motion you want to use in your videos. You can download pictures from the internet as well.
  • Open the Alight Motion and select the pictures you want to edit. To select images, click on Choose Files.
  • After selecting your favourite pictures, edit them with your desired tools on Alight Motion.
  • Make sure you’ve cropped your video as you want; now, go to the Filter Library and apply the filters that suit your picture. You can apply the same filter on all filters or edit each photo individually.
  • You can type the text over your image if you want to. You can copy-paste text over your image as well.
  • If you’re still unsatisfied and want to add something more, you can add stickers and emojis over the image.
  • Now that you’re done editing your pictures and have created your video, you can get a preview of that video before exporting it.
  • You can now save your video. Export the video in MP4 HD Quality.

Voila, you’ve successfully created your first video with the Alight Motion app. Creating videos on Alight Motion is no rocket science. All you need is some practice and our guide. So, follow our guide on how to use Alight Motion app.

There is a complete guide like video we are plugging below for your ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect Alight Motion app?

1. First, go to My Account screen, and click on the profile icon.
2. Next, you will be prompted to sign in. Enter your credentials, email, or social media credentials to successfully login.

How to use Alight Motion without Watermark?

There is a way to remove watermark on Alight motion. Read this complete guide, as it explains step-by-step how to remove watermark.


So, that’s it for our guide on how to use Alight Motion app, we hope it was easy to follow. Follow the steps carefully and start creating cool videos on your Android phones using the Alight Motion app.

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