How to Update an Apk

How to Update an Apk 2023 | Complete Guide

You have successfully downloaded the app and you enjoy the perks. Now, you may be wondering how to update an APK, since it doesn’t go through the traditional update route as other applications do on Google Play Store.  

We got that right, didn’t we?

If so, take this as a hint that just as we guessed this right, all the other information that we’ve compiled for you will be exactly what you need — how to update an app!

You are absolutely correct on the stance that APK files also require updates just like applications on the Play Store. But unfortunately, you will not be notified regularly whenever an update is available because of the fact that your APK files have been downloaded from a third-party source.

So, the question arises of how to update an app file or app downloaded from a third-party website. You would be happy to know that we’ve got a few easy fixes that’ll make your day and help you get the most out of your APK files and APK.

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What are APK Files?

If anyone among you is new to APK files and doesn’t know how they work, then this section is for you.

APK files are nothing but Android Package files, which are used to distribute applications on Google’s Android operating system. APK files are stored in ZIP format and are usually installed directly on Android devices, normally through Google Play, but they can also be found on other sites.

A classic APK file contains an AndroidManifest.xml, classes. dex, and resources.arsc file, and a META-INF and res folder.

How to Download APK Files?

Before discussing how to update an APK file, let’s take a moment to talk about how to download or install them in the first place. The process of downloading any APK application or file isn’t that difficult, but it differs depending on your device.

Such as, on Android devices, it might be easier because APK files are supported by android devices. But if you want to install them on iOS devices then the approach might differ as APK files are not supported by them. You can also get your favorite APKs on your Windows or Mac to enhance your user experience.

Since the Play store and App Store don’t have APK files, you have to look for a third-party website where an APK version or mod of your desired game or application is available and download it from there. But make sure you choose a credible and secure source that doesn’t compromise your device’s safety.

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How to Update an APK?

Finally, the time has come for us to discuss many ways to how to update an APK on your device.

Update an APK

If you wish to update an APK file, your first approach should be to look for the latest version of the APK file you currently have downloaded or the APK mod you currently have installed. You can also explore hacks and cheats related to getting the recent version.

It is recommended that you search on Google for an authentic website that has updated versions of APK files. If you suddenly became curious that what are APKs that we just mentioned, you should know that these are reworked versions of the original mobile applications distributed with them. 

APKs are created to give users access to additional or improved features that aren’t available in the app’s original version.

It’s common for games on devices to charge a fee to unlock certain features. APKs enter the picture at this point. The modified version will include all of the game’s premium features for free. APKs have recently gained popularity for the same reason.

Once you succeed in finding the desired version of the APK, you have completed most of the process. The only thing left is to find the appropriate download button to click and confirm the installation process.

Make sure you don’t run into fake download buttons or corrupted applications, otherwise it is going to turn into many disasters but no update.

How to Update an APK from Source Website

Alternatively, if you own an APK that is made by a specific provider then the updated versions won’t be available on every other website. But there’s also a way to tackle these minor inconveniences on your quest to how to update an APK.

At the time of download, you should copy the URL from the site where the APK mod was installed. By doing this, whenever an update is launched you can paste the URL into Chrome and reach the exact location where you can obtain the update.

Distributors and third-party providers of APK upload authentic versions of those files only to their websites and forums. Apart from those, all other options on search engines would be fake.

Hopefully, our blog has answered your question and you have learned how to update an APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Update an APK file?

Yes, APK files also get outdated through time and require updates to cope with the technological advancements in devices. Also, it is better to replace them with newer versions to enjoy advanced and additional features to improve user experience.

Does Android automatically update APK?

If you’ve downloaded an APK file from a third-party source then no, it cannot be updated automatically. You would have to manually update the older version to a recent version in order to access the newer features and options.

Final Thoughts

As you are working your way how to update an APK, it is essential to maintain your applications updated in order to keep up with the latest technological advancements.

Those apps that we install from the Google Play Store can be easily updated from the Play Store itself, but what about those third-party applications that we install by downloading APK files?

As previously stated, you can either search for a credible website that provides updated versions of APKs or if you’re dealing with third-party applications that are only available on their official forums then make sure to copy and save the URL and use it to obtain the recently updated version.

Disclaimer: Before granting these APK files access to your device, be sure to double-check their source.

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