How to Unlock All Tournaments in Real Cricket 20

How to Unlock All Tournaments in Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 is one of the most popular mobile cricket games out there. The game offers a ton of features and modes to keep you engaged for hours on end. For a player like you, it is vital to know how to unlock all tournaments in real cricket 20.

But first, you should understand why Real Cricket 20 is so popular, and it certainly isn’t due to its graphics, but rather due to its multiple modes and tournaments. Even in wcc3, you have none of the features that you do in real cricket 20, which is why more than 10 million people have installed this game.

Yet there is one issue: all of these features are paid. If you wish to buy all of the features, you’ll need a lot of money, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to unlock all of them at once. That is why I am going to show you a simple trick. If you follow this technique, you will be able to unlock all of these features for free.

So, let’s begin our quest to how to unlock all tournaments in real cricket 20. If you want to know about how Minecraft coordinates work, read this blog and get all answers.

Experience Points

Experience points are a type of in-game asset that players can use to level up. Moving from one level to the next requires a certain amount of experience points. The number of experience points (XPs) necessary to level up increases with each level entered.

Just on the top-left corner of the game’s homepage, you can see how many experience points you currently have and how many you need to collect to advance to the next higher level.

Active participation in tournaments is the simplest and fastest method of earning experience points. However, you cannot participate in tournaments until you reach a certain level and are able to unlock them.

Follow the tips we’re about to give you in the next section on how to unlock all tournaments in Real Cricket 20.

How to Unlock All Tournaments in Real Cricket 20

Here are some additional observations from our end that will help users quickly collect the experience points needed to level up. The following are some helpful hints for beginners who want to learn how to unlock all tournaments in Real Cricket 20.

Keep An Eye Out for the Daily Missions and Quests

The Mission and Quest collection can be found towards the right of the game’s homepage. There seem to be three major reasons why you should visit these sections the very first time you sign in on a given day. These help you get an edge to how to unlock all tournaments in real cricket 20.

  • For starters, most Tournaments will be locked when you first start playing this game. As a result, this is among the simple and premium methods of accelerating XP growth and leveling up.
  • Once you successfully unlock a tournament, you must spend a certain quantity of tickets every time you enter it. Completing daily missions grants you coins and, more importantly, tickets, which you will need to take part in tournaments and unlock many more tournaments by leveling up from the XP rewards earned out of that tournament.
  • Successful completion of daily quests grants you the much-desired gold as well as premium fragments for enhancing your Shot-book. You must add at least one new shot to your Shot book in order to compete against other players online, as the Online Multiplayer Mode awards users with valuable Experience Points.

So, it goes without saying that you simply cannot afford to forgo this section even for a single day if you want to know how to unlock all tournaments in Real Cricket 20.

Cash in on the Master’s Cup Tournament

The Master’s cup tournament is unlocked by default to make things simpler for you. Tournaments are the best way to accelerate your XP growth. In each tournament match, regardless of the outcome, you get a certain number of experience points. As a result, make the most of the master’s cup event, and earn point so you can move ahead with how to unlock all tournaments in real cricket 20.

Auto-play Both Innings of the Master’s Cup Games

Another important technique on how to unlock all tournaments in Real Cricket 20 is what we’re about to discuss now. A few points to consider regarding the Master’s Cup:

  • Always select the Tournament format to 50 overs for each side. The longer the game, the more experience points you will receive. It’s as simple as that. You will need 10 Tickets to enter regardless of how many overs you would like to go with. So, make 50 over-a-side games a priority. Every 50 over-game you take part in at the master’s cup racks up 100 Experience Points.
  • Play each match of the master’s cup tournament on auto-play without bothering about the results. This may appear odd given the fact that you do not earn experience points for overs that have been auto-played, however, this is what resource and time management is really about.
  • Finishing a 50-over game by playing the entire match yourself will take you about 2 hours, and you’ll receive 100 experience points only when you win the game. Unless you simulate the entire innings, you would then gain 50 experience points for each victory. Within those two hours, you can complete ten master’s cup tournament events of the same kind, making it more rewarding. You could even watch advertisements to get double experience points rewards.

Participate in Online Multiplayer Games

The Online Multiplayer mode not only allows you to compete against other players online, but it also lets you earn the Experience Points needed to unlock new tournaments.

For this reason, if you want to find the easiest and fastest ways to unlock all tournaments in Real Cricket 20, pay close attention to this section and learn how to unlock all tournaments in real cricket 20.

New Shots Every Week

The innings in the one multiplayer mode cannot be auto-played, unlike in the tournament or every other game mode. As a result, in order to compete and win against other players online, you must have some premium shots already in your shot book.

These powerful shots guarantee that your player can hit the ball right out of the park from the first ball, which is critical for survival in an Online setup.

Take Part in All new Tournaments You Unlock

As previously stated, there is absolutely no better way to accelerate your XP rise than by participating in Tournaments.

Hence, it’s an obvious choice. You should first look to capitalize on every new Tournament that you unlock, not only the Master’s Cup. This will explain how to unlock all tournaments in real cricket 20 that are available in the subsequent levels.

Earn Extra Tickets by Watching Videos

Tickets provide you with initial access to Tournaments. As a consequence, you’ll need a plethora of them. You could perhaps receive Tickets by watching advertisements in the Quest section. As a reward, you would be questioned to choose between Coins and Tickets.

We recommend that you opt for Tickets in this case because you will need them to enter Tournaments, upgrade and proceed to how to unlock all tournaments in real cricket 20.


Initially, in-app purchases must be avoided. Level up to gain access to as many Tournaments as possible.

Use these pointers in this blog post to get there quickly. That concludes our contribution, and all of the fundamentals are covered. If you’re having trouble accumulating Experience Points or looking for how to unlock all Tournaments in Real Cricket 20, you could always refer to this guide for help.

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