How to Install APK on Android

How to Install APK on Android | Comprehensive Guide | Best APK Files in 2023 

Android users know very well about the term APK as they require downloading APK files for some use. Meanwhile, some stay skeptical because they don’t know what APK is. Hence this guide will prove beneficial for both as you get to learn a thing or two, and most importantly, how to Install APK on Android. One wonders why I would need an APK file.

The answer is simple: get a customized experience on Android devices and get the best out of it. So read on to learn what is APK file, how to install APK on Android, and how to use them.

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What is an APK File?  

APK is an acronym for Android Package Kit; the format is used in Android operating systems to install and distribute mobile apps.

Fun Fact: APK files are misconstrued as unsafe – which is untrue. 

To make things more understandable, take an example of the Window format. Most of the files at the window have an extension .exe – in the same way, Android uses APK. APK is nothing but an app, just like you download one from Google Play Store.

Interesting Fact: Google started using the AAB format in 2022 since they are custom-made for devices and installed in different steps. 

How to Install APK on Android? 

One wonders if downloading an APK file is that difficult. The answer is yes! it is a tad difficult for first-time users, hence follow the following steps to change settings on your android device and learn how to install APK on your android device:

Go to the Settings on your device


Now click on the option Apps, Next, click on the Special App Access option


You will see an option of Install Unknown Apps. Check this to permit the installation of any third-party apps.

allow access

After you finish, you are set to install any third-party applications on your android device. But remember, always download applications from a trusted source. Else you will bring “problems” to your device.    

  • Install the APK files on your Android smartphone or tablet directly from the browser.
  • First, open the browser and look for the APK file you plan to download.
  • Click on the file – in the progress bar, you will find the app has started downloading.
  • Once downloaded, go to Downloads, and tap on the APK file.
  • Click Yes when prompted. Now the app will begin installing on the device.

What Makes One Look for an APK File? 

There are several reasons why and how to install APK on android devices. Most of the time, the applications are available with limited features in your region or due to partial release of the application’s features.

Otherwise, most of the time, users download APK files because certain applications are not available in the region. Since you can overcome the geo-restrictions, a user resorts to the APK files of the application from trusted sources.

In other news, you may be looking for ways to open APK files on Windows 10, here is how you can do it with ease.

Also, oftentimes, users do not like the updates of certain applications. In other cases, the layout and formats mess up the data in the application — in that case, too, APK files come to the rescue.

Another common instance when users resort to downloading an APK file is due to the unavailability of the Google Play Store. So the user keeps coming to this dead-end, how to install APK on Android?

Remember when downloading APK files:

  • Always download from trusted websites
  • Check if the files are authentic or pirated. Avoid anything unethical.

Many users were tricked into downloading earlier game updates, resulting in a sham. Hence, we cannot emphasize enough to check the source.

Let’s Address the Elephant in the Room – APK is Unsafe

It is commonly misconstrued that APK brings “problems” to the devices. That is true but only if you are not careful. That is why it is crucial that you know how to Install APK on Android. There are certain websites that have APK for convenience, but they are not certified and vetted.

Before you download anything, you must ensure the website in question is trusted for downloads. Here are some ways how to Install APK on Android, and check the credibility of the website:

  1. Go to the forum and read up about the website
  2. Check if the website has certification for the APKs
  3. Look at the number of downloads. But this cannot be the sole reason to rely on
  4. Read the news sections on trusted APK sites

Give some time to your research and make sure at least three factors of the list make to the checklist of the website scrutiny.    

Best APK Sites of 2022

Here are some of the best APK sites in 2022. They are vetted and trusted by many, but we request you do your due diligence.

APK MIRROR: It is run by the same people who monitor and administrate Android Police. The website is widely trusted and uses badges by developers to ensure download safety.

APK PURE: Another site trusted by millions of users, giving APK Mirror a run for its money. Similarly, the APKs are vetted and certified for user satisfaction. They do not enlist anything until they are 100% sure.

APK Downloader: It is not very recent, but the developers are working on the credibility and ensuring quality.

Aptoide: This website is gaining fame incredibly fast and has many options for the user. It is one of the websites that has enabled cryptocurrency and Blockchain buying on the website.

Best APK Application of 2022

According to Mobile Softpedia, these are some of the most downloaded APKs in 2022.


whatsapp download reached

Since its inception communicating, sharing and calls have become simpler and effortless. One cannot imagine life without WhatsApp. Users often download APKs when they need 2 WhatsApp profiles on their device. As of July 2022, downloads have reached 425,325.


spotify downloads reached

The music platform is your one place to listen to songs, list them in personalized albums and share them with friends. The APK downloaded surpassed 384,807 downloads.  


fb reached downloads

Now known as Meta, Facebook is the most used platform for users to connect, share and indulge in happenings around the globe. The downloads until July 2022 have reached 228,470. Other applications like Instagram, Twitter, Bigo Live, and Google Play Store follow the suite.


APK is a quick and easy solution for users when they need to customize the application for their use. The only thing one needs to pay heed to is the source. If the source is trusted, the download will save the users a lot of time and hassle.

We hope this read helped solve your problem of how to install APK on Android, and now you can enjoy the digital world on your own terms.

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