How to Get Keys in Geometry Dash

How to Get Keys in Geometry Dash

Are you frustrated from looking and want to progress in Geometry Dash, we have the answers to how to get keys in Geometry Dash?

These keys are known as Demon Keys in the game. But before we talk about the Demon Keys and guide you on how to collect them, let us explain what Geometry Dash is, shall we?

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What is Geometry Dash?  

Geometry Dash is a music rhythm video game developed by Robert Topala, aka RobTop, a Swedish developer. The game was released on 13 August 2013 on Android & IOS. The Steam version of the game was released on 22 December 2014.

The game’s controls are very simple; you only need to control an icon on the screen and navigate it through music-based levels. You have to avoid obstacles like spikes; if you touch them, your icon gets destroyed instantly.

The game has its own built-in extremely hard levels. Not just that, players can create their custom levels. Geometry Dash has more than 83 million custom levels created by players.

Fresh players always misunderstand this game; they think it’s a piece of cake. But in the end, they are stuck on the first level for literal months due to keys. That’s why, we come here with solution, how to get keys in Geometry Dash.

This game is highly addictive and incredibly frustrating at the same time. Geometry Dash is one of those games that can easily make gamers sweat hard on many of its levels.

The developers of this game have mastered the art of giving anxiety to its players. It requires full concentration to beat a level of this game. We’ve talked enough about geometry Dash; let’s talk about how to get keys in Geometry Dash.

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What Are Keys in Geometry Dash and How to Get Them?

Geometry Dash has many different in-game currencies, such as secret coins, stars, mana orbs, user coins, or diamonds. Keys are also one of these currencies used in the game to buy items and stuff.

These keys are called Demon Keys, and with the help of these special keys, you can open ‘Demon Chests’. Opening these chests will provide numerous cool rewards. But these keys are very rare and hard to obtain; after all, these are Demon Keys.

That brings us back to our topic, ‘How to get keys in Geometry Dash?’ let’s find out how.

How to Obtain Demon Keys in Geometry Dash?

You can only obtain the Demon Keys if you’re able to collect Magic Orbs. For 500 Magic Orbs, you’ll receive one Demon Key. These Magic Orbs are also a currency in Geometry Dash; to earn them, you have to complete levels of the game.

So, to get the Demon Keys, the player first needs to obtain the Magic Orbs and completing the game levels is the only way to earn them. The amount of Magic Orbs you earn depends on the level’s difficulty.

The harder levels will give you at least 275 Magic Orbs for completing an entire level. But completing a whole Demon level that has demon difficulty will reward you with 500 Magic Orbs.

If this is impossible for you to finish a demon or even a challenging level, then don’t worry; you don’t have to finish it entirely. Your number of Orbs depends on how much progress you made at that level.

So, if you were able to complete 5-10% of a Demon difficulty level, then it’s enough to reward you with 50 Orbs. You should also try simple levels like searching to play levels known as ‘Flappy’.

These Orbs are undoubtedly hard to collect, but with concentration and patience, you can collect them. After getting 500 Magic Orbs, you can redeem them for one Demon Key, and to open a Demon Chest; you’re required to have 5 Demon Keys.

That’s how to get keys in Geometry Dash. We hope our guide was easy to understand; enjoy!

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