How to get free coins for slotomania

How to Get Free Coins for Slotomania

Slotomania is your favorite game, but do you despise buying coins? You are in luck if so! There are numerous other ways to earn free coins for Slotomania. By utilizing some of the top techniques and tricks available, we will demonstrate how to earn free coins for Slotomania in this article.

With over 80,000 downloads, Slotomania ranks among the most played casino games. Playtika, a company which also owns well-known casino games like WSOP Poker and Caesars Slots, created and released the game.

Offering free coins that may be used to purchase in-game products or to participate in contests is one of the keyways Playtika keeps players engaged in their games. There are several ways to obtain free coins for Slotomania, but right now we will cover the simplest ones.

Are you also looking for ways, to get House of Fun Free coins, this guide may prove beneficial. Back to Slotomania, continue reading if you’re ready to discover how to acquire free coins for Slotomania!

Slotomania Game

unlimited coins slotomania

The mobile casino game with the most players worldwide is Slotomania Slot machine. Playing this game on Facebook and mobile devices is free. It contains more than a thousand different games, such as Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette. The Android, iOS, and Windows platforms all support this application.

Playing this game is incredibly enjoyable and quite addictive. The primary goal of the game is to maximize your score via matching three or maybe more identical symbols on any row that is currently active on the slot machine.

With additional slot machines, features, and events added for players to enjoy over time, Slotomania has continued to improve and enhance the game.

Additionally, it has added fresh gaming elements, like the capacity to collect and exchange rare things with other gamers.

Nonetheless, Slotomania is currently one of the most played digital social casino games on the market right now, with millions of players.

Now, let’s move on to the ways you can get your hands on to free coins for Slotomania.

The Best Places to Gather Daily Bonuses and Links

How to get free coins for slotomania

In order to play the game’s many slot machines, players have access to a number of different ways to acquire free coins for Slotomania. Below are some of the best options to get free coins for Slotomania:

  • Leveling Up: As you advance through the game’s levels, free coins will be awarded to you.
  • Daily Bonuses: Slotomania provides users with daily bonuses every day, like free coins.
  • Special Promotions: On occasion, the game will run special promotions that let users earn free coins.
  • Facebook: If you connect your Facebook profile to the game, you’ll be rewarded with free coins.
  • Inviting Friends: By sharing the game with your friends, you can get free money.
  • Social media: Slotomania has a massive following on sites like Facebook, where users can gain access to free money by liking and sharing of posts.
  • Referral codes: Players who successfully refer friends to Slotomania will receive free coins.
  • Special Events: Slotomania frequently has special events that provide players the chance to earn free coins by taking part in particular tasks or games.

Free coins can be a thrilling and entertaining way to play Slotomania, but it’s vital to keep in mind that they aren’t real money and can’t be withdrawn or traded for real money. But the free coins for Slotomania can enable you to play slot machine as much as you want!

Obtaining Free Coins in Slotomania

free coins for slotomania

To get or spend free coins for Slotomania, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Slotomania application on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Press the “Menu” button located in the top-left portion of the screen.
  3. Click the menu’s “Free Coins” button.
  4. Free coin offers will be shown on this screen if you’ve got any available. To claim an offer, simply tap on it.
  5. To obtain your free coins, stick to the on-screen instructions. This could entail taking an online poll, watching a video, or promoting the offers on social media.
  6. Your balance will be increased once you’ve claimed your free coins.
  7. Click or tap the desired slot machine to start playing with your free coins.
  8. Select the number of coins you wish to bet for each spin by tapping the “Bet” button.
  9. To begin the game, tap the “Spin” button. You’ll pay for the spin with your free bonus coins.
  10. Carry out the method once again to make further use of your recently collected free coins.

Remember that free coin offerings could be time-limited and frequent. Make sure to take advantage of any offers you receive before the gift expires because some may have expiration dates.

How Reliable are the Slotomania Generator and Hacks?

It is not advised to use any generators or tricks for Slotomania or any other online video game. These are frequently frauds that might take your cash or personal information.

Using unauthorized third-party tools or tricks also violates the terms of service for the majority of online games, and if you are detected, you are at risk of having your account suspended or banned. It’s best to always play online games legitimately and fairly.

There are a few hacks that seem to work for Slotomania, but they are fake and shouldn’t be utilized. Several instances include:

  • Coin generators: These programs promise to provide an endless supply of coins to be used in Slotomania.
  • Slot machine hacks: In order to control the slot machines to their advantage, players are said to be able to hack into the game’s programming using slot machine hacks.
  • Free spin hacks: Hacks that promise to grant players free spins in the game so they can win more money without risking their own are known as “free spin hacks.”
  • Jackpot hacks: According to these hacks, gamers can win the jackpot each time they play.

In addition to being against Slotomania’s terms, utilizing any of the above hacks is also prohibited in many places. It is advisable to participate in the game fairly and refrain from employing these kinds of tools that endanger your personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get real money from Slotomania?

The game doesn’t use real money. The purchases and win cannot be replaced into real money.

Which is the highest level in Slotomania?

Black Diamond Status is the highest level in Slotomania, but only a VIP premium player can reach this level.


That’s all there is to it! The simplest methods to obtain free coins for Slotomania are those listed above. You can participate in polls, view videos, or keep up with free coins for Slotomania on social sites. Also, you have the option of using the daily spin.

Regardless of the approach you take, just keep spinning the slots. You should also read our other how-to articles if you require additional assistance. Have fun playing!

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