How to Get Finger Slayer Blade

How to Get Finger Slayer Blade

Are you among those Elden Ring fans who have had sleepless nights wondering how to get Finger Slayer Blade to boost your levels and compete in the game? If yes, then read on to find exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Elden Ring has grown in popularity among the ARPG community since its initial release. The game provides numerous opportunities for you to create some of the finest Elden Ring builds from dynamic beginning classes.

The game’s difficulty has become well-known due to its diverse set of enemies and bosses. This complexity is also present when completing various in-game quests. You must locate various items in order to complete these quests.

However, items of this type are scattered throughout the map and are essential for progress. One of these items is the Finger Slayer Blade. If not found, it can be a major roadblock to progress, not only in the main story but also in a side quest.

You don’t have to sweat it though, because this guide will take you step-by-step through the process of how to get Finger Slayer Blade in Elden Ring.

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How to Get Finger Slayer Blade in Elden Ring

We will get started with how to get Finger Slayer Blade, but first, you should know that it is an extremely valuable item that can help you advance in Elden Ring. It is a vital part of the Ranni questline.

Throughout this quest, Ranni the Witch wants you to find the “Hidden Treasure of Nokron.” The blade was created from the remains of a corpse originally.

If you know where to look, you can easily solve the mystery of how to get Finger Slayer Blade in Elden Ring. And if you’re the kind who cannot leave things unfinished and want to unlock the 100% completion trophy in Elden Ring, you must find this item.

Once you’ve found the Finger Slayer Blade, you must hand it over to Runni. In exchange, she will give you the Carian Inverted Statue, which will allow you to enter the Carian Study Hall. For reaching advance levels, it is crucial that you know how to get Finger Slayer Blade.

The Mimic Tear Starting Point

You must first visit Mimic Tear in order to proceed with your quest on how to get Finger Slayer Blade. To gain access to this area, you must first fight and take down the Mimic Tear Boss.

While we’re on the subject of bosses, take a look at our Elden Ring Bosses tier list to see which are easier or more difficult to defeat.

The boss battle can be incredibly challenging, so be prepared. The mimic tear boss has the ability to shape-shift and create an identical copy of the player, complete with equipment and weapons. As a result, using weaker or lower-tier weapons and ammunition is a good move. This is the first step towards how to get Finger Slayer Blade.

Reaching Night’s Sacred Ground via Narrow Pathway

Once you’ve arrived at Mimic Tear and conquered the boss battle, you can begin your quest to locate the Finger Slayer Blade in Elden Ring. After you’ve defeated the boss, proceed up the stairs and across the bridge. You can speed up this section by using the horse to fast-track the journey.

Upon crossing the bridge, you would then come to a cliff that overlooks the castle’s ledge. Start walking along the ledge after jumping across. When you reach the end, continue down to a relatively narrow ledge that will lead you to the Night’s Sacred Ground.

Locating Finger Slayer Blade by Reaching Ancestral Woods

You’re one step closer to locating the Finger Slayer Blade now that you’ve reached the Night’s Sacred Ground. Continue across the ledge until you reach a stairway with frightening monsters. Climb up the stairs to retrieve the Rune Arc.

You would then face two Silver Tear enemies as you come down these stairs. To jump across, you must kill one of them, but the second one can be bypassed. Continue climbing the ledge until you reach a platform at a lower level.

When you’re done climbing onto the platform, proceed through the bumpy passage till you come across an opening that leads to the building. As you continue to walk down that opening, you would find a tomb containing a black Whetblade.

After obtaining the item, proceed to the right corner of the room, which is where you’ll find a ladder. This ladder will assist you in descending to the lower level, where you will encounter a huge metal ball and an enemy. Read the last step to learn how to get finger slayer blade.

Finding Finger Slayer Blade Treasure in a Tomb

Finally, you can obtain a larval tear by destroying this metal ball (however, it is not necessary). After that, proceed down and out of the castle in a sequence of steps to find the Lost Grace.

As you will weave your way across a large passage, you will confront a slew of enemies. It is preferable to avoid these enemies because the rewards for killing them are insufficient. Then, you might very well end up coming across an old structure after climbing up a series of steps. Luckily, that structure houses the Finger Slayer Blade in a chest.

What to Do After Locating Finger Slayer Blade?

Once you’re done with the ‘how to get Finger Slayer Blade’ part, it’s time to move on to what to do after you’ve located it.

As soon as you discover the Elden Ring Finger Slayer Blade’s Location and obtained the blade, return to Runni. She’ll be waiting for you in Ranni’s Rise tower. Give her the blade and speak with her twice to receive the Carian Inverted Statue as a reward for successfully completing this quest.

This statue grants access to the Carian Study Hall, bringing you one step closer to completing the Ranni the Witch Questline.


In conclusion, this guide has provided a comprehensive overview of how to get Finger Slayer Blade in Elden Ring. Following the steps laid out in this guide will ensure that players have the best chance at acquiring this valuable item to progress in the game.

All you have to do is Fast travel to Night’s Sacred Ground and then head northeast to the massive building. You’ll encounter a few mimic tears along the way; you can fight them or ignore them until you reach the building.

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for will arrive and the first chest will hold the Finger Slayer Blade you’ve been searching for. We hope you have learned how to get finger slayer blade. Let us know!

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