How to Fix Alight Motion APK Errors

How to Fix Alight Motion APK Errors

Tired of facing annoying issues in Alight Motion APK? Here’s a guide to learning how to fix Alight Motion APK errors. The APK version may give you all the benefits of the pro version of Alight Motion, but it has many issues, for example:

  • Blank screen issue.
  • Stuck on the loading screen.
  • Sign-up problems on the Alight Motion APK version.
  • Audio/Video issues.
  • Project exporting issues.

So, we’re here to help you; we’ll try to cover all the possible errors and how to fix Alight Motion APK errors and find their solutions. But before we start, let’s talk about Alight Motion. You can download the Alight Motion video editing app from Google Play Store.

It’s one of the best editing software for pocket devices like Android mobiles. The most significant advantage of using Alight Motion for video editors is that they can edit their projects anytime & anywhere they want.

It saves them from carrying a laptop all the time; all they need is an Android device with Alight Motion installed. That’s all they need to edit their videos, just like they do on their laptops or desktops.

The benefits of using Alight Motion are unending, so it’s a great level-up in video editing. If the annoying watermark is the only thing ruining your perfect video, there are ways to remove the watermark.

Now that we’ve done justice to the introduction of Alight Motion let’s get back to our topic, “How to fix Alight Motion APK errors.”

How to Fix Alight Motion APK Errors?

Downloading the APK version of any application is frowned upon, but it’s not like you’ve to go in a creepy alley to get your hands on these Apk versions. You can find them on the internet very easily; type the app name and add the word “Apk” you’ll find it.

These versions are copies of the original applications distributed across the internet. You’re given access to exclusive & new features through these APKs, which are unavailable in the original application.

But these APKs sometimes contain entities that may cause problem to your device. So, be careful when downloading. These versions are copies of the original, that’s why they have many glitches and errors.

The APK of Alight Motion allows you to access the exclusive features for free, which are only available for the Pro Members of the original app. But like we said before, the user has to face many errors in using APK.

So, without any further ado, let’s discuss how to fix Alight Motion APK errors.

How to Resolve the Blank Screen Issue on Alight Motion APK?

how to fix blank screen in Alight Motion APK

Users face a common error while using the APK version of Alight Motion: the app suddenly stops working, and the screen only shows a blank screen. The screen is sometimes stuck on a black screen and sometimes on a white screen.

If you’re facing the blank screen error on Alight Motion, don’t worry; it can be fixed in a few simple steps:

  • Method #1: Close the Alight Motion application completely and relaunch it if you’re experiencing the blank screen error; this method should fix it instantly. It’s mostly a short-term error and can be fixed by closing and relaunching the app.
  • Method #2: Restart your device and launch the Alight Motion app. The app should start working properly now.
  • Method #3: If the blank screen is still not fixed and our above methods fail (which is odd), you’ll have to delete and reinstall the app. That’s the last option to fix the blank screen error.

Use the methods mentioned above, and we’re sure it will solve your problem. Let’s move on to the next issue. We’ll try our best to cover all the commonly faced problems by the users of Alight Motion APK.

So, follow our guide to learn “How to fix Alight Motion APK errors” carefully.

How to Fix the Loading Screen Error on Alight APK?

how to fix loading screen in Alight Motion APK

Sometimes, users face a problem in which they are stuck on the loading screen of the Alight Motion app. Fixing this issue is easy; you only need to find the source causing this loading screen error:

  • The problem may occur because the servers may be down. So, wait a few minutes and then relaunch the Alight Motion app; it should start working properly like before.
  • The loading screen error may also occur due to poor Wi-Fi connection, so check if you’re experiencing any data or Wi-Fi connection issues.
  • The error may occur due to many people using the app simultaneously, which may have crashed the server. So, try using the application after some time.

How to Fix the Sign-up Error on Alight Motion APK?

How to Fix the Sign-up Error on Alight Motion APK

Unable to sign-up on the Alight Motion app? Such an error can occur due to many reasons, which are:

  • Server Down: Wait for a few minutes and then try again to sign-up on Alight Motion.
  • Internet Connection Error: Check your internet connection; it could be the reason for the issue.
  • Wrong Credentials: You must’ve typed in the incorrect password or email id. So, check again and type the correct information.
  • Banned/Deactivation: your account might have been banned or deactivated by the company; contact support to resolve this issue. Make a new account if the problem is not fixed.

How to Fix the Audio/Video Issue on Alight Motion APK?

As we said before, we’ve to find the source of the problem to fix it. Audio/Video issues can arise due to many reasons, which are:

  • Audio Issues can occur due to a fault in the app or your device. To find out the source of the problem, use headphones to see if the app is causing the error or if mobile speakers are damaged.
  • To resolve the issues regarding video, check your internet or data connection.

Also: If you are looking for ways to amp-up your project by making velocity edits, the feature is great for professional look of the project.

How to Fix the Issues Regarding Project Exporting on Alight Motion APK?

It’s extremely annoying when you work so hard on a project and when you finally try to save it, the app crashes. Sadly, there is no direct solution to this problem, at least for Alight Motion. You can contact support and let the company know about your issue.

You can also check your internet connection and see if there is any issue. Try clearing up some storage on your device; that may help.

That’s it on “How to fix Alight Motion APK errors.” We’ve covered almost all the major issues users’ face while using the Alight Motion app. So, let’s wind up our article with a conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you fix the errors in Alight Motion APK?

For starters, you can reboot the device. Shut other similar video editing applications, or video recording application.

Why can’t I enter Alight Motion APK?

First check the internet connectivity. Next check if your device has updated firmware. Lastly, check if application is updated.

How much does it cost to get Alight Motion APK membership?

The free version has almost all basic to modest-level features needed for video editing. But if you are aiming for expert features, membership costs around $5 monthly.


Today we tackled how to fix Alight Motion APK errors. We hope this read was helpful and resolved your problems regarding the Alight Motion APK.

Carefully follow the methods mentioned above in our guide ‘how to fix Alight Motion APK errors;’ we’re sure at least one will fix your issue. Sayonara!

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