How to do transitions on Alight Motion

How to Do Transitions on Alight Motion

Using the transitions wasn’t any easier. On top of it, the guides on internet are another level of jargon. Hence here is our as easy as pie guide on how to do transitions on Alight Motion.

We have made sure, this makes your process easier, so you are on your way to make transitions after this one-minute read.

Before we throw hook to catch big fish, how to do transitions on Alight Motion, let’s take a step back and get to know more about Alight Motion app.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a very useful application available on Google Play Store for Android users. It’s video editing software with tons of tools to make your video look cool and stunning. You can add text, emojis, and stickers to your video.

You can even make cool transitions using the Alight Motion app. If you don’t know what transition is, then don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Transitions are video effects between clips to make them look cool and smooth. 

Transition gives a bit of volume to your video project. For example, you can add a transition to your video in with an image switch with another. The transition makes that switch between images look smoother.

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Now that we know what Alight Motion and Transition are. So, let’s get back to our main topic, “How to Do Transitions on Alight Motion.”

How to Do Transitions on Alight Motion? (Step-by-Step) Guide

We’ve discussed what transition & Alight Motion is, so let’s start talking about ‘how to do transitions on Alight Motion.’ No, rocket science. Follow this guide and practice by adding transitions in your videos using the Alight Motion app.

Let’s Start!

  • The first & most important step is to install the Alight Motion on your Android device from Google Play Store.
  • After downloading the app, open it. Select the images you want to add to your video by clicking on the “Add Media” option.
  • Now, to add the transition in your images, you’ve to select each image individually and go to the Transition Menu. Choose your favorite transition effect from the menu to apply it to the image.
  • You can now get a preview of your video to see the edits before exporting the video.
  • If you see any fault with your edits, change them, and then export the video in HD quality.
  • You’ve successfully made a cool transition video.

You can now create a video on Alight Motion with a cool transition. Our guide on ‘how to do transitions on Alight Motion’ will also help you create a specific type of transition. For example, how to make a smooth transition video on Alight Motion.

How to Make a Smooth Transition Video on Alight Motion?

When you have learned how to do transitions on Alight Motion, this is the next topic at hand. How to make a smooth transition video on Alight Motion? Follow these few simple steps.

  • Launch the Alight Motion app on your device. Now, click on the “+” icon available at the bottom.
  • Now, you’ve to select your desired ratio; after selecting, click on “Create Project.”
  • Go to the “+” icon option again, and select the image or MP4 file you want to edit using Alight Motion.
  • You can change the settings of the video as you like and add a background if you want to.
  • Now, click on the image or the video you are editing, and apply effects/lens blur to your video.
  • Set the Swing Frequency up to 42 by selecting the Curvature Values.
  • Now, you can save your project. But before exporting, we recommend you get a preview to double-check for any mistakes or errors.
  • Your smooth transition video is created using the Alight Motion app. Enjoy!

Here is a video that be help in navigating through transition videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alight Motion a VFX application?

Alight Motion is comprehensive and sophisticated VFX video-editing application with several features making it stand-out in its league.

Who created Alight Motion?

Matthew Feinberg created the application. He is the CEO at Alight Creative, also former lead developer at KineMaster


With the help of our guide, you’ve learned ‘how to do transition on Alight Motion.’ We hope that it was an easy-to-follow guide. As we explained above, you can create a specific type of transition, such as a smooth one.

Now that you have understand how to make cool transitions, let us know so we can add more ease to your content woes.


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