How to Change Apk Version Using APK Editor

How to Change Apk Version Using APK Editor

In this read, we’ll guide you on ‘how to change APK version using APK Editor.’ In easier words, we’ll explain how to use APK editor to modify/change the APK version.

But first, let’s talk about the APK Editor application; after this, we’ll discuss our main topic.

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What is an APK Editor?

what is an APK

APK Editor is a popular Android application used to edit APK files. With the help of APK Editor, you can change the APK files’ background, name, and version. The editor works great without any issues.

It’s a better option if you want to edit APK files on android. You can edit APK files’ information or convert an app into an APK. If you don’t have an APK file of an application, you can use APK Editor to extract the APK file from that APK.

You can edit the extracted APK file from the application as you want. Using APK Editor is extremely easy; follow our simple guide and learn how to edit the background image or remove the image of an APK file. Follow our guide to learn “how to change APK version using APK Editor.”

Also: If you want to know how to install APK files on your android phone from PC, read the guide.

How to Change APK Version Using APK Editor

change APK version using APK editor

To learn “how to change APK version using APK Editor,” follow these simple steps. But before we start explaining, let us inform you that this guide will cover all the features available on APK Editor to edit APK files.

  • First of all, download the APK Editor application using our link. Without the APK Editor, we can’t change the APK version of an APK file.
  • Open the app after downloading.
  • On the main screen of APK Editor, you’ll find two options: “Select an APK File,” “Select APK from App,” “Help,” and “Exit.”

Select an APK File/Select APK from App

Click on the “Select an APK” option if you already have an APK file in your storage which you want to edit. If you don’t have an APK file, click “Select APK from APK.” Also, there are ways you can install APK files without jailbreak.

  • Click on “Select an APK File or Select APK from App
  • Now click on the pre-downloaded APK file if available or click on the app to extract the APK file you want to edit
  • Once clicked on the APK file, four options will appear on your screen: “Full Edit,” “Simple Edit,” “Common Edit,” and “XML File Edit (BETA)
  • Click on the Full Edit if you want to rebuild the whole APK file. You can change everything you have in that APK file, from the APK version to the logo of the APK file, Anything!
  • Click on Simple Edit or Common Edit if you want to make minor changes like edit the logo or rename the APK file.
  • Now, to change the version of an apk file, click on the Full Edit option. You’ll be sent to a menu where you can change everything on that apk file.
  • Search for the ‘APK version’ in the search bar, and you’ll find options to change the APK file’s version.
  • Now you’ve complete control over the APK file; you can modify its version as desired.

Follow the guide and edit APK files as you want. We hope our guide on ‘how to change APK version using APK Editor’ was easy to understand.

Frequnetly Asked Questions

How do I change the code on existing APK file?

If you have great coding skills, you can edit the decompiled existing APK files. You can make changes by typing apktool d, “Filename”.apk in command prompt.

Why do you need APK editor?

APK editor is essential for those who use APK. The application enables you to make several changes on an already installed APK on your device.


Using the APK editor is extremely easy; follow our guide on ‘how to change APK version using APK Editor.’ If you don’t like the logo of your APK file and want to remove it or change its version, then APK Editor is best for such a job.

Make sure you carefully read the steps mentioned above to avoid any mistakes, use our authentic link to download the APK Editor. You’ll find various unverified links for downloading APK Editor, which may contain unreliable material.

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