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How Old Is Sayu Genshin 2023

Genshin Impact is fast becoming a favorite game of game fanatics around the world. There are approximately 50 million players by 2022. Despite their lazy mannerism, and irresponsibility Sayu Genshin is famous among the players and often gamers wonder, how old is Sayu Genshin

Genshin Impact, the most recent open-world action role-playing game created by miHoYo, has an official community. You can explore a huge, beautiful map, an intricate elemental combat system, an interesting story and characters, a co-op game mode, a calming soundtrack, and much more in this game.

But one of its main characters, Sayu, the community’s favorite ninja girl, is famous for lazing around in the desperate hope of growing longer legs, voiced in English by popular Twitch streamer Lily “Lilypichu” Ki. She has recently emerged onto the Genshin Impact scene as one of the game’s best support options, but how old is Sayu Genshin?

How Old Is Sayu Genshin Impact Age

Although Sayu’s birthday has been confirmed to be on October 19, miHoYo has yet to reveal how old and tall the 4-star Anemo Claymore character in Genshin Impact is or in other words how old are genshin impact characters at the time of writing. As one of her voice lines reveals:

“”When is my growth spurt going to happen?” Everyone my age is near twice my height, and yet…!”

But being how old is Sayu Genshin, based on the conversations travelers will have with Kano Nana, the NPC located in Grand Narukami Shrine, Inazuma, it is inferred that Sayu is indeed a child.

But how old is Sayu Genshin? When considering biological and chronological age, she should be in the ballpark of Razor, Bennett, Xinyan, and Barbara (potentially) as one of the game’s youngest playable characters.

Since it is known that Sayu is still a child and is one of the game’s youngest playable characters, it is expected that her age will be close to that of Barbara, Bennett, Razor, and Xinyan, who are all around 16/17 years old. This explains a lot about how old is Sayu Genshin.

In one of her lines, she says, “Everyone my age is twice as tall as me,” so if we were to answer the question of how old is Sayu Genshin? She’s definitely a teen/older teen. Sayu has been raised in the Shuumatsuban, a secret organization in Inazuma run by the Yashiro Commission since she was a child.

Her most noticeable characteristic, however, is laziness rather than admirable loyalty. Hence, Sayu, who has long mastered the various ninjutsu arts (such as escape techniques and aura adjustment) to conceal herself and fall asleep, thinks that sleeping can help her grow taller.

More About Sayu Genshin

Sayu first appeared in the tapestry of golden flames banners. Sayu works best as a supporting character. She possesses ethereal flare abilities that can both damage the character with the lowest of HP and heal the enemy above 70%.

And coming back to how old is Sayu Genshin? She is 14 years old at the start of the story, a second-year (8th grade) student at Eishu Junior High School (Eish Chgakk). Because of speculation of how old is Sayu Genshin, her role in the story is minor at this point. Her part and contributions, also explains a lot about how old is Sayu Genshin!

Because of the power of her Vision, Sayu can wield a weapon twice her size. MiHoYo keeps her age ambiguous on her official character profile page and when discussing her height problem in the Version 2.0 Special Program by saying “all her peers of the same age have grown taller, but only she remains as tiny as before” or that she was raised in the Shuumatsuban.

With all her powers, one wonders, how old is Sayu Genshin?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Exactlys Sayu Genshin Impact?

Sayu (Japanese: Sayu) is an Anemo fan favorite in Genshin Impact. A Shuumatsuban ninja who is having difficulty growing tall.

What Is Sayu Age Genshin

Although it is known that Sayu is still a child and is one of the game’s youngest unlockable characters, it is anticipated that her age will be close to that of Barbara, Bennett, Razor, and Xinyan, who are all around 16/17 years old.

How Old are Players in Genshin Impact?

Impact of Genshin: Albedo September 13th, 18’4′′ Amber 10 August 18 5’4″ September 28th, Ayaka The oldest daughter 5’2″ Barbara 5 / 17 July 5’2′′ 34 more rows…

Is Sayu A Youngster?

In Kenshin impact, Sayu is a unique character. She has spent her entire life in the shuumatsuban. Furthermore, she is devoted to her community.

Is Sayu A Boy Or A Girl?

Sayu is a petite girl who spends her days sleeping. In Kenshin impact, however, she is the cutest and youngest playable character.

Why Is Sayu So Small?

In Kenshin impact, Sayu is an Anemon character. She is a Ninja who is having difficulty growing tall. She believes that sleeping will assist her in growing taller.

Why Did Sayu Flee?

Sayu fled due to disagreements with her mother. She believed she couldn’t discuss her problems with her mother.

What Happens when you reach your Birthday?

Other characters who have reached their birthday will send you a mail with their Special Dish and a gift related to climbing up the character’s talents or level, in addition to the backpacker’s birthday. Not only that, but each character will receive a unique food item.

Is Sayu A Skilled Healer?

Sayu’s primary ability is healing. With her elemental burst, she heals all nearby allies. Her healing output, however, is not as high as that of other four-star healers.

Is Sayu A Five-Star Character?

Sayu is a two-star character. She is, in fact, the fourth main character.

Is Sayu In A Relationship With Yoshida?

People say that you still have a lot of healing to do with her kinship before she can undertake to anyone. Yoshida may be a good person and a supporter in her life, but Sayu needs the support of her family first and foremost.

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