How Old Are Genshin Impact Characters

It is an annoying question for regular players how old are Genshin Impact characters? like for instance, Sayu’s age remains a mystery due to her nonchalant demeanor.

The ages of the characters are not specifically stated in the game itself, and the players who invest a lot of time playing the game, the uncertainty drives them to an edge.

how old are genshin impact characters

It’s up to the player to decide the age of the characters based on their appearances. Some characters in Genshin Impact have their ages hinted at in their background stories & character description, but they’re not confirmed in any way.

So, today we will address all the hunches and speculations to sort how old are Genshin Impact characters. But first, a brief introduction to the game.

What is Genshin Impact?

The new popular game series that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide, Genshin Impact, is an action role-playing game developed & published by the company miHoYo. The plot is set in the fantasy world of Teyvat; the game features a vast cast of characters known as Adepti & Travelers.

The game has a unique feature known as the ‘Gacha System.’ Such a system allows players to unlock new characters and weapons through random wishes; in easy words, it’s like a lucky draw system.

The player can make these wishes in Genshin Impacts using the in-game currency ‘Primogem.” you can buy Primogems with real money or obtain them through gameplay once you’ve got the required amount of Primogem, you can make the wishes.

The vast list of characters featured in Genshin Impact is amazing. Each character has its unique ability & playstyle to enhance the gaming experience. The characters are classified into different categories based on “Elements.”

  • The Anemo characters fall into the “Wind” category.
  • The Pyro characters fall into the “Fire” category.
  • The Cyro characters fall into the “Ice” category.
  • The Hydro characters fall into the “Water” category.
  • The Electro characters fall into the “Lightning” category.

Players can make a team of four characters from any elemental category and use their combined powers to defeat enemies in Genshin Impact.

The players enjoy an open-world experience provided by the game, where they can explore the vast world containing fun puzzles and boss battles. The puzzles are solved with the help of different elemental characters.

The game may focus on the single-player genre, but like other open-world games, Genshin Impact also features a Multiplayer mode. With the help of the multiplayer option, players can join forces and take on challenging but fun challenges.

Genshin Impact gained this massive popularity only because of its highly addictive genre. The game offers a unique blend of action, role-playing, and elements. On top of that, the vast cast of characters is just another reason to play this game.

So, that’s enough to introduce the incredible game Genshin Impact; let’s finally discuss our topic, “How old are Genshin Impact characters?”

How Old Are Genshin Impact Characters

So, without any further ado, let’s start talking about the topic you’ve all been waiting for “How old are Genshin Impact characters?”

Even though Genshin Impact has a very well-written and detailed storyline, surprisingly, the game doesn’t tell us the age of its characters specifically. The player is on his own and has to guess the age of the characters based on their appearances.

But if you’re the lazy type and want someone else to explain the ages of your favorite characters, then don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

We’ll try to guess the age of some characters or give you an idea of the age of that specific character based on its appearance. So, let’s start with today’s topic on “How old are Genshin Impact characters.’

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Traveler’s Age

traveler genshin impact

Element: Anemo

Aether/Lumine, AKA Traveler and the Outlander, is the main protagonist of the Genshin Impact game. Both Traveler appears as a teenager but don’t judge them by their looks because they’re at least 500 years old.

So, Traveler’s age by its looks, both Aether/Lumine seem like teenagers, so they’re around 17-19.

Amber’s Age

amber genshin impact

Element: Pyro

Amber’s age is also the same as Traveler’s; her appearance indicates she’s also 18. There is no confirmed age because the developers decided not to give any specific age to their characters for some reason.

Beidou’s Age

beidou genshin impact

Element: Electro

Beidou, AKA “The Thundering Emperor,” is the captain of the Liyue faction’s Crucible Knights. Her appearance is that of an adult, so she’s probably around 21-27. However, her exact age is not described in the game like the rest of the characters.

Klee’s Age

klee genshin impact

Element: Pyro

Klee is a 4 feet tall character, her appearance is similar to a seven-year-old, and it also seems that Klee is an elf. So, it’s good to assume that she’s over 100 years old despite her appearance as a child.

Klee may be physically 100 years old, but mentally she’s a seven-year-old.

Barbara’s Age

barbara genshin impact

Element: Hydro

Barbara is a character famous for her healing skills; her age is also around 17-18. Her appearance shows that she’s also a teenager like Treveler and Amber.

Chongyun’s Age

chongyun genshin impact

Element: Cryo

Chongyun is a cryo elemental character and is also around 18-17. He’s best known for his ice ability to exorcise evil spirits. Chongyun easily defeats and exorcises evil spirits because of his pure-yang spirit.

That’s it for today’s article about the topic “How old are Genshin Impact characters?” The list of characters never ends, so we tried our best to discuss the age of the major and popular characters of the game Genshin Impact.

Remember, the age of the characters mentioned in our article is not official. The developers of Genshin Impact have decided not to give the age of the characters, but that doesn’t stop you from knowing the age of your favourite characters.

You can easily guess the age of these characters by simply analysing their appearances. Not hard at all.

So, let’s end our article on “How old are Genshin Impact characters?” with a quick conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is most famous genshin impact character?

Albedo, Sayu, Klee, and Xiao are some of the most famous genshin impact characters

How old is Klee?

She appears tiny, and mentally she is a seven-year-old child. Like most Genshin characters she ages over 100

Who is the oldest character in Genshin Impact?

Zhongli is believed to be oldest character aging over 6000 years.


Genshin Impact is an open-world survival/role-playing game where you can play different characters with unique elemental abilities. The ages of these characters can vary greatly; some appear pretty young, like Klee and others quite mature, like Beidou.

However, you must remember that the characters’ ages have nothing to do with the gameplay. It only serves its part in adding complexity to the character’s personality and backstories.

 So, if you like to go in-depth to enjoy a game, then we hope that the article helped you learn new things about your favorite characters.

Now that you’ve read our article on “How old are Genshin Impact characters?” You can easily guess the age of your favorite characters.

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