How Many Levels in Candy Crush 2022

How Many Levels in Candy Crush 2022

Can we get enough of candy crush after years? No! Are you waiting for the update and have finished all the levels? If you want to know how many levels in Candy Crush 2022 are, then you’re at the right place. You might have come here thinking that the game ‘Candy Crush’ has unlimited levels.

You are wrong to think that way because everything has an end, and Candy Crush will also end one day for sure. Before we start talking about how many levels in Candy Crush 2022 are, let us briefly introduce the Candy Crush Saga.

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Everything You Need to Know About Candy Crush

Candy Crush by Riccardo Zacconi is a mobile game app. Riccardo Zacconi is the CEO of the company ‘King’ founded in 2003. Activision Blizzard acquired the company for US$5.9 Billion in February 2016.

Now the game ‘Candy Crush’ and other projects are operated within this company. Candy Crush is a tile-matching game released by ‘King’ on 12th April 2012. The game developers originally released the game on Facebook. Other platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows followed and released versions of Candy Crush for their own app stores.

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The instructions for the game are pretty simple. The goal is to match candies on the board; at least three candies of same color are required for a match.

After a match, the game automatically eliminates the candies from the board, and the new ones replace them, which can create more colour matches. Colour matches of more than three candies may create unique combos that can eliminate more candies.

Unique candies are power ups with larger candies eliminating abilities from the board. Each level has a different task of eliminating a certain number of candies in a limited time.

Candy Crush is considered the best free game app on the play store with 2.7 million users. Players can play the game entirely for free without spending a single penny. But if they want to buy special power-ups to clear difficult stages with real money, the option is available.

The company ‘King’ makes its revenue from these purchases. It’s said that the company made $1 million per day around the year 2014, and more than 93 million players played Candy Crush Saga.

Over a three-month period, the ‘King’ made a revenue of $493 million. Without a doubt, Candy Crush was and still is the most successful and highest-grossing app on all app stores. Candy Crush Saga also received three other instalments by ‘King’ with the same format:

  • Candy Crush Soda Saga.
  • Candy Crush Jelly Saga.
  • Candy Crush Friends Saga.

Enough introduction; let’s go back to the topic ‘how many levels in Candy Crush 2022.’

How Many Levels in Candy Crush 2022 Really Are?

So, let’s finally talk about how many levels in Candy Crush 2022. If you’re on level 1000 or 2000 and feeling proud of yourself, then we’re sorry to break it to you that the game currently has 12,500 levels.

It means you’ve still got a long way to go and didn’t even scratch the surface. The levels will become harder and harder as the game proceeds. 

The iOS, Android, Amazon devices and Facebook versions of the game have 12,500 levels, and the Windows 10 version has additional 90 levels.

If you’re asking how many levels in candy crush 2022 are, then there’s no point in it. Because the levels are non-stop, next year, the number of levels might be doubled or even tripled than before.

On every Wednesday, the game gets an additional 30, 45 or sometimes even 60 levels. As long as the company is alive, the addition of levels will not stop. You can keep up with the Candy Crush news about the levels through ‘King’s forums’.

The forums have polls for its fans to engage with them and help them in creating new levels for the game by getting feedback on the previous levels. The players also suggest their ideas for the new levels. The main secret behind the Candy Crush huge fan base is pretty sweet, just like candy.

Because the creators and developers take the ideas of their fans into consideration when creating new batches of levels.

They let their fans be a part of their work, just like a family. So, if you’re a Candy Crush addict, these forums are a great place for you to hang out. You can meet with other players and suggest your own ideas to the developers, and you get constant update in how many levels in candy crush 2022 currently.

Parting Thoughts

So, now you know how many levels in Candy Crush 2022 are and about the game itself. We will recommend you check out the King’s forums; it’s a nice place to be for a Candy Crush fan. Don’t worry about running out of levels because it’s nearly impossible for such a thing to happen.

And to know how many levels in candy crush 2022, keep coming back here for recent updates.


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