How Do You Get Stars in Among Us

How Do You Get Stars in Among Us

It is a most common question asked by hard-core Among Us players – How do you get Stars in Among Us? Hence, today in this read, you will get the answers of how do you get stars in Among Us. But first, let us give a brief introduction to the game.

Among Us

An online multiplayer game released in 2018 by an American game studio, Innersloth. It’s a social deduction game inspired by the party game Mafia and the famous science fiction horror film The Thing.

Multiple players maximum of 15 can join on a map. The map is a spaceship, and at least two or three players are selected as Imposters.

The other players are given the task of finding out who’s the imposter among them. If the players find the imposter and kick him out of the spaceship, they win the game.

But if the imposter kills other players on the ship before they can reveal that he’s an imposter, the imposter wins the game.

So, it’s a deduction game where each player suspects every other player and tries to find the imposter among them.

The game really starts to get fun when someone presses the big red button, which is located in the lobby, and the discussion on who’s the imposter starts. All the players try to give their alibis that they are not the imposter.

The imposter also tries to deceive the other players by acting all innocent and trying to survive while secretly killing others. This addictive format of the game is the reason for its popularity.

Among Us even surpassed Minecraft in popularity; this game is no doubt a masterpiece. Now, let’s get back to our topic, ‘how do you get Stars in Among Us.’

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What Are Stars in the Game Among Us?

Before we start talking about ‘how do you get Stars in Among Us’, let’s look at what Stars are in the game and their purpose.

Stars are the premium money of the game Among Us. Beans & Pods are earned through the gameplay in Among Us, but Stars can only be bought with real money.

So, how do you get stars in Among Us without wasting your money? Don’t worry; we’ll give you some tips to help you manage and use your stars wisely.

How to Buy Stars?

You can buy the Stars from the Among Us shop on the main menu. Click on the shop, look for the ‘Star Tab,’ and select it. From there you can buy ‘Star Bundles’. Obviously, the larger bundles cost more money.

Bundle Prices for the Stars

  • 20 Stars cost $1.99.
  • 30 Stars cost $2.99.
  • 50 Stars cost $4.99.
  • 110 Stars cost $9.99.
  • 300 Stars cost $24.99.

What is the Purpose of Buying Stars in Among Us?

The question ‘how do you get Stars in Among us’ has been answered. Now let’s talk about what to do with these Stars. You can buy Bundles with these Stars, which may contain maps, cosmetic items, and many other things.

These Stars can also be used to purchase ‘Cosmicubes’, which contain special items and can be unlocked with the Pods earned through the gameplay. These Stars will help you buy limited items through these Bundles and Cosmicubes.

Tips to Help You Manage and Use Your Stars and Responsibilities

The topic ‘how do you get stars in Among Us’ is pretty easy to understand. But before you start buying Stars, read these tips so you won’t regret it in future.

  • Before you buy any Star bundle, plan what you want to do with these stars. This will save you from purchasing more than enough Stars; you need to buy some specific item from the shop and save your money from being wasted.
  • The Bundles and Cosmicubes that are available change after a certain amount of time. So, keep yourself updated and check the shop now and then to see what new items are available.

Limited-time special items might not be available to purchase once the time’s up. So, if you don’t want to miss out and add them to your collection, buy them while they are available now that you know how do you get stars in Among Us.

These items are for cosmetic purposes and make your character look cool and stand out a bit more in the group of other players.

  • Before making any purchases with real money, ask for permission from a guardian or a parent if you’re under 18.
  • The items you purchase with these Stars are nothing but cosmetics; you can only customise your character with them. No influence on other players will be given with these items, and the gameplay remains the same.


So, now you know how do you get Stars in Among Us. You can get special items with these Stars, but remember that these purchased items will not give you any kind of advantage over the players who don’t have them.

Play fair and Enjoy!

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